Packaging Strategies That Enhance the Candy Delight

Candy enthusiasts exist all over the world; from the most modernized first world countries to the least developed third world countries in Africa and Asia. Almost every kid on planet earth is a sweet tooth. Though the same can't be said for adults, a majority of them still share the in the love for candy. Even diabetic people love candy and have over the decades enjoyed their fair share of sugar-free candy. Nonetheless, what brings the fanatics and discerning subscribers of the candy world together effortlessly and seamlessly, as most packaging enthusiasts determine, is captivating and alluring packaging. Noisy and hard candy wrappers were a thing of the past and are being edged out of the candy market, fast. Now, some of the following creative candy and chocolate packaging tactics are emerging to take their place.

Candy Boxes

This branding strategy features the use of colorful and captivating packaging boxes. These boxes have to be remarkably clean and are branded with preppy color schemes. They are designed to inspire a beach to feel with a corresponding drifting mood. The packaging transforms a classic boardwalk snack into a unique experience of delightful taste coupled a visual sensation of positivism.

Break-Up Message Wrappings

Candy has, since long ago, been used as a gesture gift for love and intimacy. The designers of this package purposed to provide insightful lovers with a way to end sour relationships in a sweet way. Then, one day, a successful packaging designer tweaked the trick: She ingeniously turned the sweet connotative aspect of candy into an instrument handy in initiating breakups. Now, people can send candy to their lovers with wrappers suggesting the need to part ways amicably.

Chocolate Prints
The best terms to describe the above packaging design may be playful and cute. The packaging couples the sweet taste of candy with a visual mood that takes one out of this world sensationally. The design provides different color schemes for different flavors of chocolate. The colors are engraved in the chocolate print. However, some of the impressions are not similar to the design of the package. One has to unwrap the chocolate to find out how they look. 

Candy Bags and Feminine Shapes
The above designs are bags that feature signature lips which resemble candy themes. The candy is shaped and packaged in creative and fun shapes and colors. Additionally, they are branded with playful names to inspire sassy and vibrant vibes that lead candy enthusiasts away from the cliche of heart and star shapes. Most of these branding strategies are associated with famous feminine personalities in the athletic and entertainment fields.

Chocolate Frogs

This packaging style is similar to that of candy boxes but is special for a few reasons. The chocolate packaging, to begin with, is stylishly designed to ignite a magical feeling. It's angular and presents a sturdy box. The candy box houses sweets and chocolates and other Harry Potter paraphernalia. The chocolate is formed in odd shapes to provide a surreal experience that seems to bring the magical world of the world-famous JK Rowling to life.


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